Our curriculum is designed to accommodate the varied needs of each student as they develop through early childhood.

Schedule of the Day

A child’s day at North Shore Nursery School provides opportunities for structured and open-ended activities as well as individual, small group, and whole group experiences. A rhythm of quieter activities and more active physical play is achieved through the daily schedule. Teachers in each class devote more or less time to the following segments depending on the developmental needs of the children in their group.

  • Choice Time accommodates children’s learning styles and respects their individual preferences by allowing them to select activities from the wide variety available in the classroom. They play for an uninterrupted period of time independently or with friends. Teachers provide support throughout.
  • Small Group Project Time, with their teacher’s guidance, builds children’s cognitive and social skills as they work together to create, solve problems, play games and investigate questions.
  • Circle Time builds community and literacy skills by giving children opportunities to hear stories, sing, play group games and talk about important happenings in their world.
  • Outdoor Time promotes physical well-being, social-emotional development, child-directed play and a deep connection to nature.
  • Snack Time provides many rich opportunities for nourishing a child’s body, mind and sense of community. Children help prepare their snack and set the table and are encouraged to use self-help skills when they take turns pouring their own milk and cleaning up.

Classroom Environments

Each of our classrooms is spacious, well-maintained, child-friendly and cozy. They include a variety of learning areas equipped with engaging age-appropriate materials. Materials are rotated and refreshed to maintain children’s interest and complement the themes they are exploring.  Find out more about our learning environments: Campus.