Children at NSNS experience a variety of quality enrichment activities that enhance their learning, deepen their understanding and provide new avenues for self-expression.


At NSNS music is a natural and joyful part of our everyday lives in the classroom. We sing at circle time and  encourage music appreciation by playing recorded music  from a variety of genres and cultures during free choice time. Simple instruments are also available to the  children, who create their own music and incorporate it into their play. Because music is such a valuable experience socially, creatively and intellectually, each  group has regularly scheduled sessions with a music  specialist. These teachers sing songs, play instruments and pair music with movement or visual aide to stimulate  children’s senses. Our children hear and sing the songs,  move to the beat and see, touch, and experiment with instruments. Through these experiences they are exposed to  basic elements of music including pitch, rhythm, tempo and dynamics while having fun and learning in a group setting.


Our Spanish program provides Younger and Older Class students with a regularly scheduled, positive and fun first exposure to Spanish language and culture. Our Spanish teacher capitalizes on young children’s innate  interest in language at a time when their ability to  acquire new language is very strong. Through music, movement, games and hands-on activities, she inspires  children to communicate using new vocabulary and to appreciate another culture.


Movement in our Big Room is an important part of our  enrichment program for the Older and Younger classes.   Each week our Movement Teacher facilitates activities that  hone children’s gross motor skills through exercise,  dance and noncompetitive games.  These experiences foster children’s imagination, creativity and cooperative play skills. They have fun while building strength, coordination and balance and it’s exciting to see their self-confidence blossom.

Special Guests and Performances

NSNS children enjoy many special enrichment events throughout the year. These events change to reflect the  interests of our current community. Guests have included  storytellers, puppeteers, experts on a variety of  cultures, artists, dancers, musicians and more! Parents  and grandparents are also welcome to share their interests  with the children. Families have offered their expertise on topics ranging from cider pressing to decoy carving to  clowning.  We are fortunate to have gifted artists as well  as members of our community join us each year and look  forward to continued enrichment that inspires and  entertains the children.