Message from the Director


SuzanneEarly childhood is a truly remarkable stage of development and North Shore Nursery School celebrates this special time in a child’s life. For more than 50 years we’ve offered young children a nurturing and stimulating environment that encourages all facets of their amazing development. Not only do we guide the children in exploring the world around them, but we encourage them in the magical process of self-discovery.

Each child is an important member of our community. We nurture their natural inclination to care for themselves, their friends and their environment — building a sense of trust and respect. The children’s interest in their peers provides a springboard from which they can appreciate their similarities and differences, express their feelings, solve problems and navigate new relationships. A sense of community is created as the children play and learn together and care for their classroom. Their connection to the natural world is strengthened as they tend the plants in our garden, discover worms and toads as they overturn stones and logs on our playground and explore the forest and marsh on nearby nature trails.

While we seek to build community and connection, we also clearly view the children as individuals. Because of our low student to teacher ratio, teachers are able to know, honor and nurture the unique character and spirit of each child. We tailor our curriculum to touch all the facets that make up the whole child: social, emotional, cognitive, physical and creative. These aspects of development are interconnected and interdependent. Each has a special role to play in the growth of the child and all are considered when we create our curriculum and all are encouraged through our activities and interactions.

We believe a genuine alliance between parents and teachers creates the best climate for a child’s first learning experience away from home and as such, communication and collaboration with parents is ongoing. We keep parents well-informed of their child’s progress in our program through informal and formal communications. We welcome parent involvement as room parents, volunteers and Board members. Together teachers and parents create a safe and caring environment that encircles the children. We strive to create a sturdy foundation upon which the children can confidently stand and greet the world with arms, hearts and minds wide open.

A child’s experience at North Shore Nursery School equips them with the skills and attitudes that will fuel a life-long love of learning. We view the most important of these as a sense of confidence gained through mastery, a sense of caring gained through nurturing interactions and an intact sense of joy and curiosity.


Suzannne Hodson, Director