At NSNS our mission and values are at the heart of everything we do. They inform our teaching philosophy and guide our decisions about curriculum choices, facility enhancements and enrichment activities for the children, parents and faculty.


North Shore Nursery School embraces the wonder of childhood.  We provide a nurturing and engaging first school experience that builds the foundation for a life-long love of learning.


We value all facets of child’s development: emotional, social, intellectual, physical and creative. As the depth of their exploration grows, our curriculum evolves to meet their changing needs.

We value the nurturing presence of highly qualified teachers. Our outstanding student/teacher ratio promotes the individual development of each child while creating a caring classroom community.

We value our child-centered teaching philosophy. We respect young children’s natural sense of curiosity, exploration, play and joy.

We value our learning environments designed specifically for preschool children. Our bright, roomy interiors stimulate young minds and bodies and allow children to feel confident and secure.

We value outdoor experiences. Each day children interact with their natural environment and benefit from healthy physical activity.

We value our school community. A warm welcoming place of learning and continual enrichment, for our children, families and faculty.