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Application Form

We encourage you to get to know us. Please join us in the fall for one of our adult-oriented Open Houses where you’ll tour the school and learn about our programs, philosophy and curriculum. Parents of applicants will be invited to meet with the School Director and the Director of Enrollment in the fall.

Applications are due by December 15th of the year preceding enrollment. Applications received after December 15th will be considered as space allows. Enrollment notification begins mid-January.

Please note: You must complete the application in one sitting.


Child & Parent Information

Child's Information


Parent / Guardian 1 Information

Parent / Guardian 2 Information

Please tell us which class you are applying for.

If a child’s birthday falls between Sept. 1 and Oct. 15, there is an option to apply for either the younger aged class or the older aged class. We are happy to assist you in making this decision

Is the applicant a sibling of a North Shore Nursery School student?
Is the applicant’s parent an alum?

Additional Information

Would you like to receive information about tuition assistance?

A non-refundable application fee of $50.00 + processing fees are due at the time of submission.

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