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Children at NSNS experience a variety of quality enrichment activities that enhance their learning, deepen their understanding of the world around them, and provide new avenues for self-expression.


Movement in our Big Room (our indoor gross motor room) is an important component of our enrichment programs and provides a more structured focus around physical development for our Younger and Older Classes. We feel that Movement and big body play are essential for young children as it helps them learn how to coordinate and control their body movements Gross motor skills also lay the foundation for children to be able to complete fine motor skill movements such as pinching or grasping, which are important components in early literacy skills.

Special Guests

NSNS children enjoy special enrichment events throughout the year. Each guest reflects the  interests of our current community and past guests have included community members skilled in the arts, sciences, or performing arts. Parents and grandparents are always welcome to share their interests  with their children’s classrooms. This type of home-school connection is an essential part of learning and we welcome any hidden talents or special customs or traditions that your family may wish to share with our school.


Spanish enrichment provides our Younger and Older Class students with a regularly scheduled, first exposure to Spanish language and culture. Our Spanish program capitalizes on young children’s innate interests in language at a time when their ability to acquire new language is very strong. We work in conjunction with More Than Spanish, a progressive program consisting of various levels. Each class advances at its own pace, with the instructor adapting the curriculum to meet the needs of each particular class, according to the age and knowledge of the students.

Summer Program


Music is a natural part of our everyday lives in the classroom. We sing at circle time and encourage music appreciation by playing recorded music from a variety of genres and cultures throughout the day. Simple instruments are available to the children, who create their own music and incorporate it into their dramatic play. We’ve also found natural materials to be a great source of creating our own rhythm when engaging in the outdoor classroom. Because music is such a valuable experience socially, creatively, and intellectually, we aim for each classroom to receive more focused music times with a specialist whom we bring into our program.

Summer Program

Each Summer, our teachers and staff create an active and exciting first camp experience in a setting familiar to our students. Following the academic year, North Shore Nursery School offers several camp sessions for currently enrolled students. We believe it is important for young children to have a first camp experience in a familiar setting and with the teachers they have come to know and trust during the school year. The North Shore Nursery School teachers create delightful programs that incorporate engaging activities focusing on art, science, and nature. Recent camps have included such themes as Oceans, Bubbles, Cooking, and Outer Space.

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