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Board of Trustees

The NSNS Board of Trustees serve as guardians of the school’s mission. It is the board’s responsibility to ensure that this mission is appropriate, relevant, and vital to the community it serves.

Each Trustee acts as an ambassador within the school, as well as the larger community, to actively support and promote the schools’ mission, vision, strategic goals, and policy positions. Trustees accept accountability for the financial stability and the financial future of NSNS while focusing on long-range and strategic issues relating to the school.

NSNS Officers

Rachael Carlucci, Co-President

Michea McCaffrey, Co-President 

Caitlin Smith, Vice President 

Jeff Crispen, Treasurer 

Hanying Pu, Secretary

NSNS Members-at-Large

Ryan Kenny, Fundraising

Justin Davis, Facilities

Jennifer Lamson, Strategic Planning

Jenn Emmett-Conrad, Committee on Trustees

Jessie Vogel, Director (Ex-Officio)

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