Younger Class

Younger Class teachers guide children as they explore more sophisticated social relationships, intellectual pursuits and physical growth.

The first weeks in the Younger Classroom have been designed to encourage the exploration of indoor and outdoor classrooms and materials. Children who have attended our Toddler Classroom are already familiar with our Younger Class teachers as they loop with their class each year. Daily explorations typically include many open-ended sensory, art, and dramatic play activities that promote motor skills, problem-solving strategies, creativity, and conversation through play. 

Program Snapshot

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3 days per week

8:30 AM -11:45 AM

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Optional Lunch Bunch and Stay & Play, and Friday Explorers programs

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5:1 Student-Teacher ratio

Routine activities also incorporate a good morning song and group discussions of the three classroom promises: 

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Promise #1

We take care of ourselves

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Promise #2

We take care of friends

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Promise #3

We take care of our school

Child painting at North Shore Nursery School

As the children become more familiar with the space around them, teachers turn their focus to individual time with students, allowing them to learn each child’s unique personality and interests while building  important bonds of trust and friendship. Through our play-based curriculum, students deepen relationships with their teachers and one another.

As Younger Class students connect with one another and with their teachers, several educational threads begin to emerge, including but not limited to:


Maker Space Explorations

Nature and the Natural World

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What is a family?

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Who is in your family?

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Who are you in your family?

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What is a home?

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What is a neighborhood?

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What is a community?

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What is nature?

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What do we find in nature?

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What do we notice when we are on the hiking trails?