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Toddler Class

The Toddler Class is a gentle and joyful introduction to school and community life with our child-centric curriculum and outdoor learning focus.

Before the school year begins and children step into the classroom, our Toddler Class teachers work to create a special bond with the newest members of our school community by visiting each of them at their home. From that first meet and greet, our teachers launch into building connections with our newest students and their families to enhance their very first school experience.

Program Snapshot

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2 days per week

8:30 AM -12:00 PM

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Lunch Bunch 

11:45 PM - 1:00 PM

(beginning in January)

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4:1 Student-Teacher ratio

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Ages 2-3

(must be 2 by October 15th)

Father walking with child into North Shore Nursery School

The transition into the classroom fosters home-school connections with our students. It requires trust, patience, tender care, and consistent reassurance from both teachers and parents. We regard parents as a child’s first teacher, and this partnership remains important as children grow and learn in our program.

A typical day involves morning play in the classroom, the Big Room, the Maker Space, and on the Playground while students are building relationships with their teachers and peers.


After morning playtime, Toddlers gather for Circle Time, where the children greet each other, sing songs, listen to stories, and play games that help them identify each other as part of a larger group. Each routine in the Toddler Classroom furthers the children's connections to their new school and to the greater school community.

Children painting at North Shore Nursery School

As the year continues and students start to feel comfortable in their new environment, Toddlers learn and explore a variety of new activities and skills, including :

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Making connections between home and school

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Cooking and baking in the classroom

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Exploring how things, people, and objects move

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Engaging in Dramatic Play and shared Art experiences

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Staying for Lunch Bunch

(starting in January)

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Deepening investigations of the Outdoor Classroom

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